From marriage bed to marriage desk; what do you do when you have two husband-and-wife wedding photography teams who get together every week to talk about life, work, industry gossip (and occasionally cute outfits you can wear to work)?

You give them some fancy drinks, four mics and a podcast, that’s what :).

8: Episode 031 - Taylor Jackson

Taylor Jackson is a husband, dog-dad, world-traveler, photographer, educator, and pizza-connoisseur. In this episode, we learn how he keeps his creative energy up, year-in and year-out, even after having done over 1000+ weddings in his career. You can check him out here: IG: @taylorjackson YouTube:

7: Episode 030 - Angela Shae

“I never signed up to be an influencer.” “I never signed up to be a content-creator.” “I signed up to create pretty things….and that’s it.” When you signed up to be a business owner in the wedding industry, you signed up to do whatever it takes to get people to fall in love with your...

Bonus: Focused AF & Go-Getting Creative (LIVE) - Pt 1

On this episode, the Focused AF cohosts join Ben on his weekly live, to talk about their recent influx of inquiries and bookings. We share some tips/strategies that have helped our brands continue to book clients during this otherwise strange time for other business owners.

6: Episode 029 - Fernando Serrano

Managing a wedding business that does 400+ events a year is no small feat; but that is exactly what Fernando Serrano and his partner do at Blanc Noir Event Group. Learn how he leverages his time, charm, and relationships to maintain one of the busiest and most successful entertainment companies we know. Also, learn some...

28: Episode 028 - Andrew "Fundy" Funderberg

“Fundy Designer software saves marriages, one photographer at a time.” That’s our story, and we’re sticking with it. As longtime users of Fundy’s software, as well as patrons of his infamous Fundy parties in Vegas, we’re incredibly honored to now consider Fundy a colleague and friend. In today’s episode, learn a little bit more about...

27: Episode 027 - Gricel Rivera

It’s not easy being a full time mom, wife, and full time wedding photographer. As a way of reclaiming some work-life balance back to her growing family, Gricel Rivera transitioned to studio work during the pandemic and never looked back. In this episode we talk about: How she transitioned from weddings to portraits in her...

26: Episode 026 - Focused AF Summit Recap

When Ben & Karis decided to host a summit, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy nor perfect. In this episode, we recount all the lessons and victories that we picked up along the way, and how they’re going to improve their next conference.

2: Episode 026 - Leandro Da Silva

Some of the most talented photographers we know are perpetual students of their craft; they never stop learning, even when they’re at the top of their game. Despite having won dozens of industry awards in his career, Leo continues on his quest to become a better photographer every single day – by attending workshops, conferences...

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